COSMO COCKTAIL - "Cosmotronic Racing"

Cosmo Cocktail's new album 'Cosmotronic Racing' is now available to download. Composed and recorded entirely from hardware synths and sequencers, this fast paced collection of tracks will give you the rush you're craving.

This is a very solid album. Artwork by KMS3. It perfectly summarizes the sounds and moods contained within the album.

Cosmo Cocktail - Cosmotronic Racing was released by 30th Floor Records and you can get it on Bandcamp:

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Cosmo Coctail - Cosmotronic Racing released by 30th Floor Records

COSMO COCKTAIL - "Endless Wave"

COSMO COCKTAIL "Endless Wave", released a few months back on 30th Floor Records .

Endless Wave is the debut EP from producer Cosmo Cocktail. Cosmo creates an immersive dreamscape. Filled with lush synth lines and catchy melodies this EP portrays the feeling of 'the perfect summer' and an 80s Miami beach, and also has quite a strong early 80s new wave vibe to it. Standout tracks on this EP would have to be 'Sail Through The Storm', 'Endless Wave' and 'Passing Cape Horn' but it's certainly a great whole experience.

The EP opens with 'Sail Through The Storm' which is driven by solid melodies and a nice bassline with some shimmering arpeggios on top to glisten it up a bit and a solid way to kick off the EP. Next is the title track 'Endless Wave' which slows things down a bit and incorporates a more dreamy, romantic vibe. 'The Unknown Route' brings the pace up a bit and is a really neat track which fills me with an uncontrollable urge to get up and dance.
The EP takes a somewhat dark turn with 'Passing Cape Horn' which departs from the romantic vibes of the earlier tracks and creates a much more sinister vibe. This track really does stand out from the others and I really like it. When listening to this EP I created a small story in my head of summer romance and this track is the part of the movie that makes a complete 180 where a serial killer shows up looking for some victims (of course i doubt this was part of Cosmo's original intentions, especially considering the nautical theme of the track titles). 'Wind's Direction' is a very chilled out track with some very nice Lead synth melodies. The final track 'The Seventh Sea' is quite a relaxing track which serves as a fitting outro to this EP.
Cosmo Cocktail implements a warm, minimalist style for his Debut EP Endless Wave which is very dreamy, romantic and immersive EP. 30th Floor Records presents Cosmo Cocktail's EP on Bandcamp here and he is definitely artist worth following and I recall hearing somewhere that he's working on a new album, so stay tuned.

YARI CIANI - "Aware"

YARI CIANI is a elettronic producer and italian keyboardist.
"Aware" is first release on Bandcamp :
Aware - it's finally here!
A Mind Opening Voyage (in four passages)

Melting Pot
Ethereal and solid. Western and Eastern. Vague and precise. The beginning of something that evades any definition.

Grows slowly. Then explodes and cuts the curtain that dims the true essence of life.

Who Dare
An old sample comes to new life. An infinite descending scale. Smooth piano chords and a funky mood.

In the end of this mind opening voyage, you're finally aware...of what? Of everything...I suppose...


released 28 March 2013

Composed, performed and produced by Yari Ciani

Cover art by Cristian Bortolossi
Original Artwork by Stefania Sarnataro



all rights reserved

YARI CIANI - "Corners"

YARI CIANI is a elettronic producer and italian keyboardist.
"Corners" is the second releade on Bandcamp :
released 23 February 2015
Produced by Yari Ciani
Graphics by Gabriele Pitacco



all rights reserved

YARI CIANI - Italian keyboardist & producer foto by Marta Masau